It’s time to change how you feel

about yourself and your dyslexia.

Boost your confidence, improve your relationships and career.

Live a life free from constant inner criticism and self-doubt.

We know how it feels to struggle in a world where you feel like you don’t fit in. Feelings like...

Inadequacy and failure.


and shame.

Low self-esteem.

Feeling deep sadness that you’ve spent your life thinking you’re not good enough.

As a dyslexic no-one seems to get you, or understand you.

Relationships can feel like a battleground - you’re often labelled as lazy, uncaring, disorganised, or unreliable.

But you just can’t put a finger on why you do the things you do.

Feeling worthless and confused, and constantly playing catch up leaves you exhausted, feeling stupid and anxious.

You know you're smart but you just can’t seem to get anywhere.

The truth is, reading, writing, and numbers is a very small piece of the dyslexic puzzle.

It actually affects so many more areas of your life.

We call these the 7 hidden traits of adult dyslexia

How many do you relate to?

It looks like you’re listening but what the other person is saying isn’t sinking in. Your concentration and mind runs off somewhere else.

You need to know the purpose behind something before you’re motivated to take action.

You feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of stress and emotion.

You see and create things in your mind but it’s a challenge to translate it into words.

You have flashes of brilliance, but struggle with simple tasks.

Time management and prioritising are a huge challenge.

You have trouble focusing. You feel like you can’t choose what your mind should focus on. It runs away with whatever you’re interested in at the time.

Do some or all of these make you nod your head?

If so, it’s okay. You're not alone.

These struggles are common for dyslexics and it’s these challenges that lead to a lack of self-confidence.

We’ve experienced these hidden traits too. In fact, we still do.

But now we know what they are, we have developed tools and techniques to better manage and cope with them.

Stephen, Becky & Vanessa

But who are 'we'?

We’re Stephen Martin, Vanessa Victor, and Becky Smith.

3 friends who came together with a common vision: To help dyslexic thinkers thrive in a left-brain world.

Specifically to help adults with dyslexia.

Adults seem to be a forgotten group. You leave school and many think dyslexia disappears. But it doesn't.

In fact, the long-term effects of living with dyslexia (and often not knowing) can be incredibly damaging, in so many ways.

We’re here to bring some calm to the chaos.

To help you to live a life with less struggle and greater confidence.

What people are saying

'I have always been fascinated by Dyslexia and how it affects my students and me.

When I started to look at dyslexia as an adult, I found Truth About Dyslexia, and it was a breath of fresh air.

The overwhelming feeling of understanding and connection just kept coming through the speakers, and I was hooked. I have always known I was Dyslexic and had a diagnosis when I was about nine.

I knew How it affected me in school but I had not allowed the impact it was having on me as an adult come to the surface and kept it hidden form myself and those around me.

Listening to Stephen & Vanessa I started to understand more about who I was and how my brain worked.

I knew it was me that needed to change but being able to truly understand myself and know I am not alone was game changing.

If you have an opportunity to work with them - do it.'

Gavin Wake,

Teacher and Senior College Principal, Australia

'A huge thanks to Vanessa & Stephen for shedding light on what Dyslexia and ADD is in Adulthood. It was extremely helpful to gain clarity in areas I had been struggling with.

Sharing your personal experiences really helps me to feel accepted and not alone. Thank You.'

Alana Naumann,

Creative + Photographer, Germany

Vanessa's Journey

I spent the first 40 years of my letting everyone down, all the time.

Friends were left waiting, deadlines were missed, birthdays and anniversaries forgotten.

Always taking on too much, never achieving what I thought I could.

I constantly felt frantic and anxious.

My self-confidence was at an all time low.

What I didn't know was that dyslexia was behind every one of these struggles.

It wasn’t until I found out my son has dyslexia and I completed a Davis Dyslexia programme that I got my own diagnosis. Then I found my profession and life passion.

And now, helping other dyslexics to understand themselves, how their brain works, how they learn, and how to accept themselves and their differences, gain confidence, AND live life to the full, is my purpose.

This is exactly why we created The Confident Dyslexic

An easy to digest 6 week, 6 module course.

Get the practical skills to make your dyslexic mind work for you, not against you. So you can live the confident life you deserve.

Week 1 - How We Are Different

Week 2 - Comparison - It's So Damaging

Week 3 - The Visual Emotional Vortex

Week 4 - Picture + Emotion = Intuition

Week 5 - Intuition + Trust = Self Confidence

Week 6 - Harnessing The Formula For Confidence

You don’t need to struggle through life.

You don’t need to stay feeling inadequate, embarrassed, hopeless, anxious, exhausted.

When you understand the full picture of what dyslexia actually affects...

you can begin to confidently manage the impact it has in those areas of your life.

Let us show you how.

The Confident Dyslexic

Take our course as a self guided option or join our group coaching journey with Stephen and Vanessa as your guides.

In just six weeks you will:

Understand that the way you are is nothing to do with not being good enough. It’s simply down to your brain being different.

Discover how to use your natural thinking style to your advantage rather than it working against you.

Feel more confident in your intuition and in yourself. Have greater trust in your thoughts and feelings.

We know you’ve probably tried many things just to find some peace in your life.

⭐️ Counseling

⭐️ Facebook groups

⭐️ Getting lost on Google

⭐️ Listening to audio books and podcasts

⭐️ Self-confidence courses

⭐️ Meditation, yoga, mindfulness.

They work to a point but don't quite do it... right?

This course is different.

It’s created for people with dyslexia, by people with dyslexia.

It combines our personal and professional knowledge of dyslexia, with the strategies, tools, and techniques we use and teach, to help you live a more focused and calm life.

Everything we have created is easily digestible. You don’t just listen and learn, we get you taking action and making positive changes right from the start.

This intake is closed - Next Intake Late 2021

Thank you for all that have joined & if you are interested in our next intake fill the form in below.

Option 1: Guided

Group Coaching

with Vanessa & Stephen

  • 6 live coaching sessions with Stephen and Vanessa guiding you every step of the way.

  • Private Facebook Group just for you and your fellow Confident Dyslexic's. Feel supported and connected on your journey.

  • Your questions answered. If you have a challenge you can ask us directly.

  • 20 insightful videos designed by our dyslexia experts, released weekly

  • 6 Short but Practical Mini-workshops that will embed the information in your identity & shift your self belief

  • The Feeling Wheel (Designed specifically for Dyslexics)

  • The Visual Emotional Vortex (how to master it)

  • Active Visualisation Meditation

Usually $1500*

Founding Member Price

Only $997*

or 2 x Monthly payments of $589

Option 2: Self Guided

Follow at your own pace

  • 20 insightful videos designed by our Dyslexia Experts - Released weekly

  • 6 Short but Practical Mini-workshops that will embed the information in your identity & shift your self belief

  • The Feeling Wheel (Designed specifically for Dyslexics)

  • The Visual Emotional Vortex (how to master it)

  • Active Visualisation Meditation

Usually $950*

Founding Member Price

Only $597*

or 2 x Monthly payments of $349

*In 🇺🇸 USD

The Confident Dyslexic Guarantee

We’re confident this course will help you to make positive and impactful changes in your life.

Complete the course, the weekly activities, and use our expertise (group coaching members) and if The Confident Dyslexic doesn’t bring improvements to your life we’ll happily give you a 100% refund.


When does it start?

The course launches 30th of May 2021. It will be a weekly paced-out course. We want you not to just learn 'stuff', but actually show you how to implement it into your life.

The first call of the group tour will be in early June.

How does it work?

Each week a new set of short & sharp - insightful videos are released. They are designed for how dyslexics work and have real life practice you can apply in your daily life. Not only will we shift how you see yourself - but how you see the world.

Can this actually improve my life?

The answer is: YES!

Our actionable, easily-digestible content will show you how to live a full and thriving life, by using the strategies we recommend to manage the hidden traits of adult dyslexia.

What is the time commitment?

Our goal is that it will take about 15 - 30 minutes a day. We know how dyslexic brains work, too much information at any one time will affect the ability to absorb that information. That’s why we keep it bite-sized and actionable.

How long will it take to get results?

This journey creates fast results. We don’t believe it takes months or years to create change once you are on the right path. You will feel the difference and see quantifiable results in how you take on the world.

Does this work for people around the world?

The whole course is online. We aim to mix up the time zones of the Group sessions so everyone can get a chance to be there live .

If you can’t make it a recorded session will be provided and you can submit questions prior.

Ready to gain create the life you actually want?

Are you ready to learn the reason behind your challenges, and start to re-programme your beliefs, with new thinking patterns?

To be free from the self-doubt and pain that being dyslexic causes your self confidence.

To live your life free from the stress of feeling like you are in a world that doesn't understand you - or you understand.


What are you waiting for?

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