The Truth About Dyslexia Course

Join us for a six-week online experience for adult dyslexics.

Understand what it really means to be an adult with dyslexia and discover how to show up in the world on YOUR terms.

Maybe you've just discovered you are Dyslexic?

or you're feeling overwhelmed and confused and you're not sure why.

Did you know there is so much more to dyslexia than reading, writing, or spelling?

Dyslexia actually affects all areas of your life and if you don't understand what's happening, you will feel overwhelmed and confused.

BUT - it doesn't have to be like this.

How It Works

We run this course on a state-of-the-art mobile app for iPhone & Android 📱.

You download an app, turn notifications on and you will be guided through the program.

Each week a new set of short & sharp insightful videos are released.

These videos have been created by our qualified dyslexia coach, we share years of knowledge and experience with you.

They are designed for how the dyslexic mind works and have a real-life practice you can apply in your daily life.

Not only will we shift how you see yourself - but how you see the world 🌎

What people are saying

What does the course cover?

Get the skills you need to have your dyslexic mind working for you, not against you. So you can start winning in life and let the anxiety go.

Week 1

You ARE different - the how and the why

➡ Understand how your brain really works.

➡ Uncover the hidden talents of dyslexia.

➡ Build your awareness and start to take control.

Week 2

Let's dig into the core reason we self sabotage

➡ Uncover the hidden truth that is holding you back.

➡ Explore how constant comparison sabotages your life.

➡ Find out how to stop the comparison hamster wheel.

Week 3

Understand your emotions and learn to control them

➡ Discover how your dyslexia and your emotions are linked.

➡ Use our simple, but powerful tools to master your mind and your emotions.

➡ Find emotional stability through the ability to identify and communicate what you are feeling clearly.

Week 4

The power of dyslexic intuition

➡ Uncover your brains' natural intuitive ability, and find out how to harness it.

➡ Discover the hidden dyslexic talents that you never knew you had.

➡ Find relief from the chaos of emotions you feel every day.

Week 5

The formula for real, lasting confidence as a dyslexic

➡ Discover the magic formula for confidence and then master it.

➡ Build firm foundations to change your confidence forever.

➡ Use our powerful exercises, created by dyslexics for dyslexics, to create the change you are looking for in your daily life.

Week 6

Harnessing the formula for confidence in the long term

Release your negative self-beliefs and feel comfortable in your own skin.

➡ Take our simple but super effective tools in your everyday life.

➡ Gain clarity, certainty and confidence about your dyslexia and yourself.

Stephen, Becky & Vanessa

Who are we?

We are Stephen Martin, Vanessa Victor and Becky Smith, and we are the founders of The Truth About Dyslexia.

Stephen's podcast Truth About Dyslexia has over 550,000 downloads worldwide and has helped 1,000's of adults learn about themselves.

Vanessa has been working with adults with dyslexia for 8 years and has completed 4 years of training in the neurodiversity field, as well as being dyslexic herself.

Becky is a community builder and passionate coach to neurodiverse individuals around the world.

We came together to support those who have just been diagnosed with dyslexia, to help them understand themselves and empower them get past what is holding them back.

Adults are the forgotten group. They leave school and many think dyslexia disappears. But it doesn't.

In fact, the long-term effects of living with dyslexia (and often not knowing) can be incredibly damaging.

We know that you can have the life you dream of, because we've helped hundreds of other adults with dyslexia achieve just that.

Created for dyslexics, by dyslexics.

What's included?

Weekly 'Aha' Videos

These take less than 20 mins to watch each week. Designed to have you going - 'Aha! That's why I do that.'

Short & Practical Activities

Dyslexics learn by doing, not by sitting in classrooms - we want you to experience this course.

Active Guided Visualisations

(under 12 mins each)

These are meditations designed just for Dyslexics, to maximize the power of the visual mind.

Easy To Use - IOS & Android App

Like having a coach in your pocket, we'll be with you wherever you are!

👉 Notifications - Turn notifications on so you don't forget to keep going.

👉 Desktop Version - Prefer to be at your desk? No problem.

👉 Videos - Watch on your phone or cast them on your TV.

👉 Meditation Access - Click and play meditations whenever and wherever you want.

Option 1: Guided

Group Coaching

with Vanessa & Stephen

  • 6 live coaching sessions with Stephen and Vanessa guiding you every step of the way.

  • Private Facebook Group just for you and your fellow Confident Dyslexic's. Feel supported and connected on your journey.

  • Your questions answered. If you have a challenge you can ask us directly.

  • 20 insightful videos designed by our dyslexia experts, released weekly

  • 6 Short but Practical Mini-workshops that will embed the information in your identity & shift your self belief

  • The Feeling Wheel (Designed specifically for Dyslexics)

  • The Visual Emotional Vortex (how to master it)

  • Active Visualisation Meditation

Usually $1500*

Founding Member Price

Only $997*

or 2 x Monthly payments of $589

Option 2: Self Guided

Follow at your own pace

  • 20 insightful videos designed by our Dyslexia Experts - Released weekly

  • 6 Short but Practical Mini-workshops that will embed the information in your identity & shift your self belief

  • The Feeling Wheel (Designed specifically for Dyslexics)

  • The Visual Emotional Vortex (how to master it)

  • Active Visualisation Meditation

Usually $950*

Founding Member Price

Only $597*

or 2 x Monthly payments of $349

*In 🇺🇸 USD

Ready to truly understand

your Dyslexia?

Only $249 USD

Or 3 Easy Monthly Payments

of $99 USD

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Money-Back Guarantee

We know this course will help you to make positive and impactful changes in your life.

Complete the course, the weekly activities, and use our expertise and if The Course doesn’t bring improvements to your life we’ll happily give you a 100% refund.


What is the time commitment?

👉 Videos will take less than 20 mins per week.

👉 Watching/listening to the weekly recorded call is 1 hour per week (Super valuable, learn from others like you).

👉 Weekly experiences happen throughout the week as you live your life and have the 'aha's that you will love!

👉 Visual Guided Meditations are 10 mins a day ( you can do these as much or as little as you like!)

We hope that is a very clear picture 🏞

Can this actually improve my life?

The answer is: ⚡️ YES!

Our actionable, easily-digestible content will show you how to live a full and thriving life, by using the strategies we recommend to manage the hidden traits of adult dyslexia and feel confident in life.

How long will it take to get results?

This journey creates fast results.

We don’t believe it takes months or years to create change, once you are on the right path.

You will feel the difference and see quantifiable results in how you interact with the world before the end of the 6-week program.

Does this work for people around the world?

The whole course is online. So it works at the time you are in.

As long as you have an iPhone or Android phone you are good to go :)

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