Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back

Gain unstoppable confidence, true self belief and the motivation to get what you want.

I can't do that - what if I fail?

Everyone is right - I'm useless.

I’m sick of going into negative spirals - It sucks!

If you’ve had any of these thoughts you're in good company.

We know what it’s like when you don't feel confident. We know you want to feel resilient, secure and happy. But we also know how bloody hard it is to get there.

After years of hitting brick walls, and chasing solutions that just didn’t work. We finally found the formula that does work for the dyslexic mind.

We know what it’s like to think you're not good enough, to hide behind a mask.

Maybe you don’t even know what you want.

We get it & it’s our mission to help dyslexic’s just like you take control of their lives.

What people are saying

'I was struggling with self confidence and self worth. My ideas tend to be very often out of the box and I have always found it difficult to explain the great ideas that were in my head.

This was a wonderful journey. At first I was just curious about whether I’d be able to learn anything more that would bring me closer to understanding dyslexic, then I found myself looking forward to each session we were having.

The course is as so very well structured and it was so logical to follow, that it felt as a very natural learning & discovery procedure.

I very much recommend this course to all those who want to understand what is happening with their dyslexia and who want to learn ways of mastering it!

I must admit I do now feel proud that my brain is so very active. I accept it and I also accept the fact that my counterparts can’t always follow my thoughts.'


May, 2021 Class,

Germany 🇩🇪


May, 2021 Class,

Ireland 🇮🇪

'I was amazed at how comfortable the atmosphere immediately felt really helped everyone to open up and trust from the very start and the constant encouragement and prompt responses on the Facebook page was also really encouraging.

A big lesson for me was although we have layered our negative thought and feeling over the years from being told we are not good enough we still have the ability to change.

I have let go of the constant fear of getting things wrong and accepted my dyslexia. I can now depend on myself and know that everyone makes mistakes.

I couldn't recommend the course enough. The content is delivered seamlessly by Vanessa through two short videos (a week) and there are loads of tools offered and explained by Becky to help with the weekly reflection before the call wrap up on a Sunday.

Stephens visual meditations are short enough do, but don't eat into your day and the benefits from doing them daily is really evident from the very start.

It's the best gift I've ever given myself!’


May, 2021 Class

Ireland 🇮🇪


October, 2021 Class,

New Zealand 🇳🇿

The truth is reading, writing, and numbers is a very small piece of the dyslexic puzzle.

It's effecting your life in so many more ways - get a handle on these and your life will change.

What do we cover in the course?

Get the practical skills to make your dyslexic mind work for you, not against you. So you can live the confident life you deserve & get what you want.

Week 1

You ARE different - the how and the why

➡ Understand how your brain really works - it probably not what you think

➡ Uncover the hidden talents of dyslexia.

➡ Build your awareness and start to take control.

Week 2

Comparison - Why it's so damaging

➡ Uncover the hidden truth that is holding you back

➡ Explore how constant comparison sabotages your life

➡ Find out how to stop the comparison hamster wheel

Week 3

The Visual Emotional Vortex -

Pictures drive emotions

➡ Discover how your dyslexia and your emotions are linked

➡ Use our simple, but powerful tool to master your mind and your emotions

➡ Find emotional stability through the ability to identify and communicate what you are feeling clearly

Week 4

Picture + Emotion = Intuition

➡ Uncover your brains' natural intuitive ability, and find out how to harness it

➡ Discover the hidden dyslexic talents that you never knew you had

➡ Find relief from the chaos of emotions you feel every day

Week 5

Intuition + Trust =

Self Confidence

➡ Discover the magic formula for confidence and then master it

➡ Build powerful foundations to change your confidence forever

➡ Use our powerful exercises, created by dyslexics for dyslexics, to start to see the change you are looking for in your daily life

Week 6

Harnessing the formula for confidence

➡ Release your negative self beliefs and feel comfortable in your own skin

➡ Take our simple but super effective tools in your every day life

➡ Gain clarity, certainty and confidence about your dyslexia and yourself

You don't need to struggle through life anymore.

You don’t need to keep feeling inadequate, embarrassed, hopeless, anxious or exhausted.

Once you understand the full picture, how dyslexia has been affecting you, in ways you weren't even aware of... can begin to confidently manage the impact it has in those areas of your life.

We will show you how.

Stephen, Becky & Vanessa

Who are we?

We are Stephen Martin, Becky Smith and Vanessa Victor, and we are the founders of The Truth About Dyslexia.

We're 3 friends who came together with a common vision: To help dyslexic thinkers thrive in a left-brain world.

Specifically adults with dyslexia.

Adults are a forgotten group. They leave school and many think dyslexia disappears. But it doesn't.

In fact, the long-term effects of living with dyslexia (and often not knowing) can be incredibly damaging, in so many ways.

We’re here to bring some calm to the chaos.

To help you to live a life with less struggle and greater confidence.

This course is created for dyslexics, by dyslexics.

The Confident Dyslexic

Gain unstoppable confidence, true self belief and the motivation to get what you want.

The programme is only 6 weeks & broken into small bites. By the end you will...

Understand that the way you are is nothing to do with not being good enough. It’s simply down to your brain being different.

Discover how to use your natural thinking style to your advantage - rather than it working against you.

Feel more confident in your intuition and in yourself. Start trusting in your thoughts and feelings.

We know you’ve probably tried so many things before, just to find some peace in your life (we've been there).

👉 Counseling

👉 Facebook groups

👉 Getting lost on Google

👉 Listening to audio books and podcasts

👉 Self-confidence courses

👉 Meditation, yoga, mindfulness

Option 1: Guided

Group Coaching

with Vanessa & Stephen

  • 6 live coaching sessions with Stephen and Vanessa guiding you every step of the way.

  • Private Facebook Group just for you and your fellow Confident Dyslexic's. Feel supported and connected on your journey.

  • Your questions answered. If you have a challenge you can ask us directly.

  • 20 insightful videos designed by our dyslexia experts, released weekly

  • 6 Short but Practical Mini-workshops that will embed the information in your identity & shift your self belief

  • The Feeling Wheel (Designed specifically for Dyslexics)

  • The Visual Emotional Vortex (how to master it)

  • Active Visualisation Meditation

Usually $1500*

Founding Member Price

Only $997*

or 2 x Monthly payments of $589

Option 2: Self Guided

Follow at your own pace

  • 20 insightful videos designed by our Dyslexia Experts - Released weekly

  • 6 Short but Practical Mini-workshops that will embed the information in your identity & shift your self belief

  • The Feeling Wheel (Designed specifically for Dyslexics)

  • The Visual Emotional Vortex (how to master it)

  • Active Visualisation Meditation

Usually $950*

Founding Member Price

Only $597*

or 2 x Monthly payments of $349

*In 🇺🇸 USD

The Confident Dyslexic programme combines our personal and professional knowledge of dyslexia, with the strategies, tools, and techniques we teach everyday, to help you live a more focused and calm life (we use them ourselves).

Everything in this programme is designed for exactly how YOUR mind works.

You don’t just listen and learn, we get you to truly experience the course and make positive changes right from the start.

It takes less than 20 minutes a day with a

one hour support call at the end of each week*

*(when you join our VIP programme)

👉 You have a short attention span? - This course is designed for you.

👉 Worried about missing something? - No pressure, you have lifetime access.

Don't let this pass you by (or forget to sign up)

This is what you are looking for.

💥 Next Programme Kicks off 23 Jan 2022 😃

You can now sign up!

The Confident Dyslexic


⭐️ 6 Videos, Released Weekly - Covering the 6 steps to create unstoppable confidence.

⭐️ The MP3 Versions of those videos so you can re-listen and absorb on the go (great on a walk 🏃‍♀️)

⭐️ Short but practical activities relating to each of the videos to embed the learning & shift your beliefs.

⭐️ Facebook Group to build connection with others like you, share your experiences (you get to watch the weekly VIP calls)

⭐️ 3 x Active Guided Visualisations (under 12 mins each) - These are meditations designed just for Dyslexic's, to maximise the power of their visual mind.

Only $497 USD

Or 3 Monthly Payments

of $197 USD

The Confident Dyslexic

Programme - VIP

Everything in 'The Confident Dyslexic'


7 live 1-hr group coaching sessions with Vanessa and Stephen guiding you every step of the way.

(on a Sunday - NZ/Aus/UK)

Small group coaching means you get personal attention, and all your questions answered.

This level of support is game-changing, share the journey with a private group of people just like you.

You get to share experiences with people like you. It speeds up the process & you get even more out of the course.

Only $897 USD

Or 3 Monthly Payments

of $347 USD

(Only 8 Spots available)

No Questions Asked Guarantee

We know this course will help you to make positive and impactful changes in your life.

Complete the course, the weekly activities, and use our expertise and if The Confident Dyslexic doesn’t bring improvements to your life we’ll happily give you a 100% refund.


When does it start?

🚀 The course launches on 23rd Jan 2022.

We want you not to just learn 'stuff' but actually show you how to implement it into your life.

If you are on the base programme you start that week.

If you are in the VIP programme our first call is on Sunday 23rd of Jan. We are just confirming the time but message us above if interested.

How does it work?

Each week a new set of short & sharp - insightful videos are released.

They are designed for how dyslexics work and have real-life practice you can apply in your daily life.

Not only will we shift how you see yourself - but how you see the world 🌎

Can this actually improve my life?

The answer is: ⚡️ YES!

Our actionable, easily-digestible content will show you how to live a full and thriving life, by using the strategies we recommend to manage the hidden traits of adult dyslexia and feel confident in life.

What is the time commitment?

👉 Videos will take less than 30 mins per week.

👉 Participating or watching/listening to the weekly call is 1 hour per week.

👉 Weekly experiences happen throughout the week as you live your life and have the 'aha's that you will love!

👉 Visual Guided Meditations are 10 mins a day ( you can do these as much or as little as you like!)

We hope that is a very clear picture 🏞

How long will it take to get results?

This journey creates fast results.

We don’t believe it takes months or years to create change, once you are on the right path.

You will feel the difference and see quantifiable results in how you interact with the world before the end of the 6-week programme.

Does this work for people around the world?

The whole course is online. We aim to mix up the time zones of the Group sessions so everyone can get a chance to be there live.

If you can’t make it a recorded session will be provided and you can submit questions prior.

Ready to create the life you actually want?

Are you ready to learn the reason behind your challenges, and start to re-programme your beliefs, with new thinking patterns?

To be free from the self-doubt and pain that being dyslexic causes your self confidence.

To live your life free from the stress of feeling like you are in a world that doesn't understand you - or you understand.


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